DNA of Entrepreneurship Lies in Sprituality

Spirituality is an essential nature of human being that strengthens their purpose and mental power to do something for the betterment of community. Spirituality is a search for inner identity, connectedness and transcendence. Spirituality is becoming an important topic in Management, Economics, particularly in entrepreneurship. A real entrepreneur is not just looking for his own benefit, but working for a higher cause. Any business which is beneficial and helpful to others will grow better and enjoy economic benefits. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers; they work to resolve issues of the masses. Entrepreneurs are innovating, risking and overcoming every hurdle to create a better world. Peter Drucker who is well known as the father of modern management defines the entrepreneur as “someone who always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.” The word entrepreneur itself originates from the French word “entreprendre” meaning “to undertake”.

Entrepreneurship is Personal Development Program

Becoming an entrepreneur can be the best Self Development Program. Business grows only if the entrepreneur grows internally. If Entrepreneur does not grow internally, the opposite is also true. One reason why 9 out of 10 business fail in the first five years is because the entrepreneur doesn’t learn fast and adapt.  Research shows that the brain capacity of an average person is far greater than its usage. The most successful entrepreneurs are willing to sacrifice hours of sleep and skip social activities with friends in order to invest in their potential. They don’t waste countless hours scrolling on social media or gossip, they feed their brain with quality content, they surround themselves with successful people. They are always curious about new things. And while there are differences in the potential that each of us possesses the good news is that our brain power can be harnessed. Outstanding entrepreneurs are able to absorb valuable information and knowledge for everyone like sponges. Being a fast and persistent learner is a must for entrepreneurs in today’s faster than ever changing world. With calm and relax mind we can harness brain power better. Meditation plays a big role in making an entrepreneur alert and awake. Humans are endowed with vast potential, in absence of purpose and will to do, most of the potential remains unexplored and unused. The greatest waste on the earth is unexploited potential.


Passion is the key source of energy, motivation and hard work. It is the driving force for every entrepreneur. If you are passionate about something you thrive to succeed, you love what you do so much that you want to do more of it. Successful entrepreneurs know “what makes their heart sing. Spirituality helps in knowing oneself. Spirituality help entrepreneurs see opportunities where other see problems

People Skills- Business is easy; people are difficult

One reason many people don’t do well in business is because they do not learn people skills. You don’t build a business. You build people, and people build the business’.  Entrepreneur needs immense courage to deal with people who couldn’t see his vision, who couldn’t expand their focus and see things as they could be, rather than as they were. Every single business depends on people. The success of an organization, family and of the whole country, depends on the people. Every entrepreneur, leader or manager with a vision needs a team that supports its vision to make it a reality. It is up to the ability of entrepreneurs to find the right people, to communicate the vision, to attract talent, to invest in building and sustaining their skills set, their energy, attitude and positivity. Strong relationships and strong team is the key to success. Only dreamers think relationships are always happy. All relationships have disagreements, criticism, conflicts and rejections. Great leaders know the principle: Unite to win, divide to conquer. Spirituality makes you strong to handle challenges when you deal with people.

Self Awareness, Habits and attitude

Self awareness plays a great role in developing great leadership. True Leadership demand developing integrity-coherence of thoughts, words and actions. Be true to yourself. Spirituality plays a big role in developing self awareness.

Habits & Attitudes

Habit is like a rope, made unconsciously, strand by strand on a daily basis. Since habits are powerful factor for success, or failure, for an Entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur need to examine consciously what he is thinking and doing unconsciously. So that he can make conscious efforts to change the habits that obstruct big growth.  We can change the way we think and act. Humans are gifted with unique ability to change the way they think, that is why humans also have a unique power to make or change habits


Leadership is the root of success and failure. Great entrepreneurs can make a positive impact on the lives of people. Great leadership can shape an organization and poor leadership can sink an organization. Leadership can be developed and refined. It begins with leadership of self; it then moves to leading others.

Focus: Spirituality help entrepreneurs develop a singular drive that gets them where they are going. Because of intense focus, nothing can derail them or their plans. The entrepreneur’s ability to dream, win, lose, and win again and again is often called entrepreneurial spirit. Without Deep faith, it is extremely difficult to manage uncertainty. Despite Failures “Entrepreneur grab the opportunity to begin again- more intelligently”


Emotional Maturity and Strength of Character:

Many people blame circumstances, lack of capital and lack of real business experience for not living dream life of an entrepreneur. But with my personal experience, I must add a fourth reason i.e. lack of emotional Maturity and strength of character. The world is filled with smart, well educated, talented people, who fail to develop their God given gifts. But at the same time world is filled with people who have great ideas about how to make money but are too lazy to execute. World is filled with people who who live in the future and fail to take action today.  There are billions who want to change the world but can’t change the conditions of their own lives. There are no of people who lie, cheat to others and themselves and still believe they are people of integrity. Without the emotional maturity and strength of character it is difficult to reach pinnacle of success. Spirituality helps to develop emotional maturity and strength of character. They are proactive instead of reactive, they play offense, instead of defense.

Entrepreneurship brings detachment: Successful entrepreneurs (1) disengage from the problem– and do their best karma to find a solution (2) engage in Higher Wisdom (3) re-engagement in the problem–from the level of highest wisdom to the specific context of the problem in question so that requisite action can be taken with an enlightened perspective. Without Self Awareness detachment is not possible and self awareness comes with spiritual growth.

Success requires Sacrifice. I have yet to meet a successful person who did not sacrifice tremendously for success. Unfortunately, most people are not willing to pay the price. It is easier to be average, comfortable, safe, secure, and live life just below success. Spirituality gives you strength to sacrifice personal comfort for bigger cause. Nothing in life comes easy (at least success and good things). If you have a mission, if you have a passion it will not be easy. The road will be bumpy, the will be rocks on the way, some of them will be light, some will be super heavy but if there aren’t any rocks one thing is sure – you are not on the right road.

Stress, Fear and Indecision

Entrepreneurs must learn how to handle stress and fear. They must learn how to become more decisive, in fast changing world. Stress and fear must motivate entrepreneurs to become more creative, learn faster, and increase their knowledge about people and business. Spirituality can help entrepreneur overcome Stress, fear and indecision. Everybody wants change but nobody wants to change. The resistance to change is in our human nature but the faster we train ourselves to accept and adapt to change the faster we will become better. Successful entrepreneurs are flexible, they can adapt and change quickly. The ability to perceive change as a positive thing, to react and adapt to it is one of the most powerful skills.

Entrepreneurs are great contributors; they generate meaningful employment and drive the society. Entrepreneurship is truly noble. As per Bhagvad Gita “a person who thinks of the larger good of people is termed as Yogi”.  So for serving society at Large , one need to be very strong and Spirituality provides strength to an entrepreneur to work to its fullest capacity despite all odds.

Millionaire Mindset 2021

You got to believe

You are designed for abundance

You deserve the abundance

You can magnetize abundance

Let 2020, be the Year of new beginning. To build a new world, a new mindset is needed. Whatever results you are getting, always remember that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Without changing inner world, you cannot change the outer world.

What people can do is astounding, still why people choose to live a mediocre life? Why people choose to settle for less? Why do so many people waste their precious lives for what fails to inspire them?  Why some people keep struggling for money for life and why some people come out of that struggle for money and live rich?

Is it about bad luck or good luck? or is it about How you set your mental thermostat? Have you set it for earning a living or have you set it for creating your dream life? Are you making what you are worth? what does your heart tell you?

Be true to yourself…………………. Honestly ask yourself “am I grinding it out day after day, or am I living on the edge and working for my dream life.

Most of the people hanker for wealth but, are they willing to change their mindset and actions?

Discontentment is the catalyst for change. Growth and the willingness to change are inseparable. If you will have same belief system, same mindset and same actions, nothing will change. I heard a story about an old man who was sitting on his porch with his dog. A bystander couldn’t help but notice them because the dog had been groaning in pain for quite sometime. He walked up to the old man who hadn’t seemed to take much notice of his dog’s suffering and asked him,” Why is your dog groaning?” To which the old man replied, He is lying on a nail,”” Why doesn’t he move?” The old man answered,” because it doesn’t hurt bad enough.”. Like that dog, most people are groaning about their quality of life, their low pay, lack of job security, mushrooming personal debt, yet they aren’t doing a thing about it. They are waiting for a nightmare to get into action.

Draw a line to the past and herald into a brighter future. Whatever you are carrying from the past –loose it




Self defeating beliefs

Procrastinating attitude

Disempowering thoughts


Life is short, whatever you want to do, make a habit of doing it now. You have the magic to create wealth and you have the power to co-author your destiny. You got to believe this, then you need to declare it and then you need to act upon it. GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. Learn to Raise the bar for yourself.  Wealth is a result, health is a result, less money is a result, illness is a result. To be rich you got to believe you deserve to be rich, to be healthy, you got to believe you can be healthy, you cannot outperform your beliefs.

Your income can grow to the extent you grow. You can alter your financial destiny by altering your beliefs about money, your ability and your skill set.  Your life will expand, when your belief will expand.  With a Skillset but without a right mindset you cannot wealth. People with ordinary talent can achieve extraordinary, in case they develop millionaire mindset , extraordinary commitment, enthusiasm and energy.

Break free from the chains of earning a living and start creating wealth.

Does it sound unbelievable…………….

Remember…You got to change your belief system and learn to set your thermostat for a rich life. Being born in a poor or middle class family is a consequence, to ensure, one does not die as a middle class is a matter of belief and resultant choices.

When the caterpillar decides that it is ready to be butterfly, it goes into cocoon to develop its wings, you too are a decision away from your greatness. Look into your belief, transform your belief and design your destiny.

Live your life consciously, start watching your thoughts and make a conscious decision to entertain only empowering thoughts. Powerful thoughts will make us a winner and powerless thoughts will make us victim of circumstances. A thought can do us more harm then our worst enemy, our stars may or may not change our destiny, but we can definitely change our financial destiny by changing our thoughts. When our heart decides on a destination and believe it is achievable, your mind proactively seeks to discover the way.

I remember growing up thinking “The rich get richer”, “The poor get poorer”, “It takes money to make money.” It wasn’t until I began interacting with wealthy people that I realized many of them had very humble beginnings. The more I saw and the more I listened and learned from those who had developed their wealth, the more convinced I became that I could do the same. Choose your friends and associates wisely. Start hanging around with people who think big. Don’t make the mistake of associating with people based on your comfort and ease around them. The right association and mentor will stretch your thinking, guide you out of your comfort zone.

Work on your subconscious conditioning, determine your thinking, your thinking determines your decision, and your decision determine your actions, which eventually determine your outcome.

Keep Growing ……………..

Indu Aggarwal

Age with Dignity and Grace

Learn to love your health from today, Tomorrow does not happen- It has never happened. It is simply a stupid strategy of postponement.

 The body is the most complex mechanism in existence. it is simply marvellous. In your body is the water of the oceans, in your body is the fire of the stars and sun, in your body is the air, your body is made of earth, your body represents the whole of existence, all the elements. Your body is so miraculous.

With rapid economic, technical development and advancement in every field and especially increasing westernization, the lifestyle of common man has completely changed. In the Present Ear, over stress, bad food habits, lack of proper sleep, malnutrition, reduces individual happiness and predispose to many diseases. Notably, Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, allergic disorders, thyroid, PCOD, Hormonal Imbalance, digestive disorders, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, asthma, chronic liver disease, osteoporosis, depression, cancer and many more.

it has become very common to fall sick every weather change. Also, various flus and colds which are a part of viral infections have become a sort of epidemics that need to be curbed.

If one’s immune system is strong enough, it suppresses the virus which eventually becomes latent. Whereas, if the immunity levels are low, there are bound to be outbreaks and relapses which can also be dangerous in the long run.

Ancient Ayurvedic Principles and Remedies for Modern You

In the current dynamic scenario, Ayurveda is the most wonderful gift from India to humankind and plays multi dimensional role in handling Lifestyle disorders.  Ayurveda is the art of healthy living that enables you to create harmony in everyday life by applying self- knowledge and self-care. Integrating Ayurveda into your life can be immensely beneficial to your overall sense of wellness. It educates, to be compassionate with Body for prevention and treatment of ailments.

Being the oldest medicinal system in the world, Ayurveda helps build the internal power and strength by increasing immunity for the body to combat many diseases and infections.

Ayurveda may come from ancient texts, but these principles are just as applicable today in every society, as they were when they were originally recorded in India. Ayurveda ensures long-lasting health and happiness without leaving behind any harmful side effects.

Consume Healthy food with Love and Care

According to Ayurveda it is best to eat according to the body energy type which provides most nutrition. Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits. One must always consume lunch as the biggest meal of the day around noon and eat very light for dinner. It is also recommended to eat at short intervals regularly to make sure the body isn’t starving and getting proper nourishment.

Detox Regularly

According to Ayurveda, undigested food is the root cause of toxins that spread across the body making it unhealthy and sick. The toxins stored within the body cause infections and illnesses and finally weakening the immune system. Hence Detoxification is very important.

Keep the Digestive power Strong

The digestive fire or agni is vital to a strong immune system. The immunity of our body is totally under the power of agni or the digestion process through which the nutrients are absorbed in the body. If there is an imbalance within the agni, metabolism can be affected and immunity can go low.

Take Ayurvedic Supplements:

it is always recommended to take few supplements along with a good diet and exercising adequately.

Miraculous Ayurvedic Herbs for Multiple disorders if consumed in right quantity, with right combination for a particular time can produce miraculous effect on your body and can help you prevent pain of multiple diseases. Few miraculous herbs recommended for healthy Living

  • Kalmegh
  • Varun
  • Punarnava
  • Ashwagandha
  • Tusi
  • Guducchi
  • Pippali
  • Triphla- Amla , Baheda, Haritaki
  • Ashok Chhal
  • Gokshru
  • Kachnar
  • Gugglu
  • Lodra
  • Manjistha
  • Munakka
  • Sirisa
  • Kantakari
  • Vasa
  • Mulethi
  • Daru haridra
  • Jatamansi
  • Pushkarmool
  • Fenugreek

Meditate Regularly

Both yoga and meditation are correlated and help lower the stress and anxiety levels in the body. Meditation boosts the antibodies and stimulates the brain function as well.

Exercise Regularly

According to Ayurveda, Any kind of physical activity like walks, swimming, or even weight training in the gym helps the body to recover from the sedentary positions, thereby making it more active to the surroundings. It also helps to charge the body cells making it fitter and stronger and also increases the immunity levels tremendously. It is therefore recommended to exercise regularly every day for at least 30 minutes for long term improvement in health. One can also practice pranayama, which is the ancient Ayurvedic habit of redirecting pranic energy through the breath. Pranayama purifies and toughens the body while peacefully composing the mind. Alternate nostril breathing brings a positive effect to the immune system as well.

Get Good Sleep

It is very important to get good sleep and rest after a hard day’s work. In a bid to improve immunity,

Ayurveda is based on the belief that the delicate balance of mind, body and spirit determines health and wellness of the body. The goal of Ayurveda is prevention as well as promotion of the body’s own capacity for maintenance and balance.

Indu Aggarwal

Leading Emotional Wellness Coach

Unhealthy Nation is a Poor Nation

Unhealthy Nation is a Poor Nation

Aim: The aim of this article is to show that health does have a positive and significant effect on Wealth Creation and thus “Economic Growth”.

Introduction: “Health is Wealth” and “Wealth is Health”. Health and Wealth has intricate relationship. It is impossible to generate economic growth in the developing world without solving the health problem, and we will not be able to improve health without generating economic growth.

Unhealthy Nation tend to be poor and poor nation tend to be unhealthy. Various studies have attempted to identify the determinants of economic growth. Health is argued as one of the key determinants. Surveys consistently show that good health is the number one desire of men and women worldwide. People like being healthy, and so better health means better well-being. Material well-being is the second cause of human concern.

Human Capital has unlimited growth potential. Sustained growth depends on levels of human capital. Health is the most important component of human capital when it comes to affecting aggregate economic growth. The role of human capital is almost universally regarded as being indispensable to the engine of economic growth. Until the second half of the 1990s the role of human capital was, in the main, linked to education, although now it has been recognized the importance of other factors such as health and nutrition.

Health is a kind of human capital as well as an input to producing other forms of human capital. Being unhealthily depresses the ability to work productively and/or the ability and incentives to invest in human capital. Human capital is the input associated with the human body: strength, brainpower that suggest a direct link between the human body and productivity.

Good health and longevity is fundamental to the human experience. Healthy people are more vibrant, energetic, and have a more positive outlook on life. These characteristics not only translate to a positive influence on the social infrastructure, but also affect economic development.  A more highly educated, healthier workforce finds it easier to create, use, and adapt new technologies. Human capital increase as a result of better education, higher levels of health and new learning and training procedures. Every Human Being has equal rights in terms of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Poor countries have lower levels of human capital and therefore have greater difficulties in competing with developed nations. Without a labour force with the minimum levels of education and health, a country would not be capable of maintaining a state of continuous growth.

The effects of human capital variables imply that the investment rate tends to increase as the levels of education and health rise. Education is also a factor that can help improve human skills and, therefore, productivity and economic growth.

Poor nations of the world have problem of malnutrition, Anaemia, Poor hygiene. These facts lead to a natural question: does disease hold back development? It seems possible that it would. There may be other factors like poor infrastructure, bad and inefficient govt. Many other possible factors have been proposed by economists, and observers worldwide, to be the determinants of growth: from technology to openness, to macroeconomic stability, to the rule of law to democracy.

Poor health directly reduces psychological well being by generating pain and suffering. Without Physical and psychological wellbeing one cannot channelize or unleash human potential. In other words, health has a direct effect on the quality of labour.

Both Health and Economic Growth are fundamental determinants of the human right to “life& Liberty”: Poor health obviously shortens human life, but so does economic poverty. unhealthy citizens do not have the freedom to move, work and make free decisions, and neither do poor citizens. Both Health and Economic Growth are fundamental determinants of the possibility to pursue happiness

Effects of childhood health on adult income. Poor health in childhood might depress the formation of human capital. Person’s physiological and cognitive development happens in childhood and Childhood is thus a key period for human-capital building, and the burden of disease in childhood could have effects that persist throughout the life course. Early-life health might also affect adult productivity because of nutrition

Early-life health could depress human capital and thereby reduce lifetime income. Sick kids weigh less, are shorter, have lower brain capacity. Deficits in iron and vitamin A are found to be associated with deficits in brainpower, and all of this tends to lower future productivity and wages. Poor health affects the productivity and growth of a family’s, a society’s or a nation’s income by affecting education, which is another component of human capital.  Sick kids tend to miss school more often so they get less education, which again, tends to make them poorer in the future. which might be more a sign of the poor quality of education than of the small effects of health improvements on human capital. Low life expectancy tends to reduce the rate of return and, as a result, the incentives to educate and accumulate human capital. infant mortality is highly correlated with the probability of social instability

Parents, who know that their children are very likely to die early will tend to have many kids in order to end up with some adult descendants. The problem is that the budget constraint ends up binding and the amount of resources they can devote to each child is lower so each child ends up with lower education and human capital. Parents, therefore, substitute quality of children for quantity of children.

Even if a person is perfectly healthy as an adult, damage from childhood disease may be hard to undo. Most of a person’s human-capital and physiological development happens early in life.

Productivity impact of improved nutrition in developing countries, From conception through infancy and childhood and into adolescence and adulthood. These gains may operate through many channels by stimulating increases in cognitive development, physical stature and strength, earlier school enrolment and more regular school attendance, and in adult productivity. There is a consequent saving in resources that would otherwise go towards dealing with disease and problems related with malnutrition. Finally, the possible gains from different nutritional policy strategies and the policy bases for adopting such strategies are also examined. Their study supports the use of nutritional policy to attain better pro-poor distributional goals by helping to make individuals from poor families more productive over their life cycles.

Good health also promotes regular school attendance and optimizes scholastic performance. Healthier individuals have higher life expectancies and, as a consequence, have greater incentives to invest in improving their life skills since this investment will be likely to have a longer lasting impact.

This means that lifetime income may rise because childhood health allows you learn faster and grow up stronger.

Poverty Affects Health: Poverty has adverse consequences on health through many different channels. First, and most poor people do not have the material resources, the money necessary to buy health care: they cannot afford prevention before the disease appears and they cannot afford doctors and medicines once the disease has appeared. Thus, poor people are more likely to be unhealthy than rich people. In sum, there is a variety of mechanisms that explain how poverty and economic underdevelopment cause poor health.

Effects on Physical Capital The second set of channels through which health affects output, income, productivity and, ultimately, growth operates through the accumulation of physical capital, Citizens who expect to live long after retirement tend to have strong incentives to save and invest. If life expectancy happens to be close to 60 years of age, people do not expect to live many years in retirement and, as a result, their incentives to save are greatly reduced. Thus, through its adverse effect on life expectancy, poor health will tend to reduce national savings and investment. A second effect on physical capital comes from the complementarities across inputs. If human capital is complementary to physical capital, then there is little incentive to invest in physical capital when human capital is low. In other words, firms do not want to invest in countries where the labour force is unhealthy, uneducated. The effect of health on physical capital can also be found through public investment: governments of countries with widespread epidemics see their budgets so stressed by health outlays that they have to stop investing in physical infrastructures. Public capital slowly deteriorates and this reduces the rate of return of complementary private physical capital. This in turn, lowers the incentives to invest in both human and physical capital.

Poverty trap: The financial stress that illnesses cause on poor or even middle income families can have disastrous consequences that spilled over to the next generation. And the worst is that the next member of the family to become ill will have to go untreated because now they really have no money. The cost of curing an illness is some times so large that its financial consequences are felt by the family long after the illness is gone. This leaves them with a small productivity, small output and small ability to grow. To promote health, we need to work on two main fronts: micro actions and macro actions. At the microeconomic level, we need widespread vaccination programs (we have eradicated smallpox, nearly eradicated polio and making progress in measles; we need to continue in this direction), we need to invest in hospitals, doctors and general care. We also need to keep making progress in making clean water and sanitation more widely available. At the macroeconomic front, we need to provide the incentives to invest in pharmaceutical R&D.

Investment in Education Sector: We need to create the environment where individuals have the incentives to get educated and all of this, needs to be done by keeping in mind that poverty reduction is crucial: if the poor do not participate in the process of welfare improvement, all programs are likely to collapse. But most of the effort will have to be undertaken by the political and economic leaders of the poor countries themselves. Their governments need to be less corrupt, more transparent and more accountable The problem is that the decisions need to be made by the political and economic elites. And as, you know from the experience of smokers, the doctor can tell you that you need to quit smoking. The government may finance programs for you to quit smoking. But at the end of the day, if you don’t want to quit, you will be unable to quit smoking.

Public Health and Primary Care, together with basic education and preventive health care should be paramount. Investing in health is much more than to spend on health care. It needs a fully comprehensive strategy, a well adapted tactic to address health population targets and a more complete agenda to close the gap between efficacy in the laboratory of ideas and effectiveness, in the real world. Health has two parts Preventive and Curative. Achieving Health goals are simple provided Nation work with focussed approach.  Preventive is cheaper than curative. For Economic Growth Govt. and Citizens must focus on preventive Health Care, Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, Healthy lifestyle, and good routine.

Scope and structure Recently, the field of health economics has given rise to an increasing amount of research that has focused on the relationship between health levels and economic growth. In a world, in which the socio-economic differences between nations are becoming increasingly pronounced at an alarming rate, it is imperative to reach a deeper, rigorous understanding of the causes of these changes and to be able to analyse the dynamics that take care of Health, Human Capital, and Economic Growth.

Health transition can help a country switch from a neoclassical growth regime to a modern growth regime. It suggests that health policies in developing countries can have important consequences for long term growth and not only for immediate well-being of the population. Policies aimed at generating economic growth should combine education and health policies since rising life expectancies lead to increases in investment in education and longer more complete periods of schooling. Economic inequality and the implications for the health and well-being of the population are manifold.When people get richer, they invest more in their own health, and exhort their governments to spend more on public health. The correlation between health and income might be one of circular and cumulative causation: health affects income and income affects health and so on.


Conclusion Human capital accumulation is still the ultimate source of growth. The fact that health and economic development are so closely related and mutually “caused” suggests that we cannot solve one problem without simultaneously solving the other. If the mutual causality between health and education incentives is true, introducing a good education system will not have any effect unless we increase health and life expectancy because kids will have no incentives to attend school. And the reverse is also true: solving a particular problem health will not help much if the people who receive the intervention remain under the poverty thresholds, because this will keep the chances of them becoming ill with some other disease. Hence, our actions need to simultaneously attack the problems of poor health and poor economic conditions.

Good health is a crucial component of well-being. It seems to be a logical assumption that good health raises human capital levels and therefore the economic productivity of individuals and a country`s economic growth rate. Better health increases workforce productivity by reducing incapacity, debility, and the number of days lost to sick leave, and reduces the opportunities an individual has of obtaining better paid work. Further, good health helps to forge improved levels of education by increasing levels of schooling and scholastic performance. healthier workers are less susceptible to disease, more alert, and more energetic and are consequently more productive and command higher earnings. The literature on Health Economics and economic growth has shown the importance of the improvements of health in populations to reduce poverty and inequality in less developed (LDC) countries

Ms. Indu Aggarwal

Co- Founder Disha For Success

Healing Power Within- Strengthen your Immune system

2020 is a crazy year, Covid 19 outbreak is a human tragedy. It is a major threat to life and livelihood. With developing Corona Crisis, health is at the top of everyone’s minds, particularly immune health. Boosting immunity seems to be the only viable long-term solution against crisis.

So let’s understand, what is Immune system and how it can save us from deadly virus and bacteria.  The immune system is body’s defense mechanism. It is designed to detect and destroy foreign invaders i.e. virus and bacteria. It does remarkable job of defending our body. Hence, keeping it boosted and stronger must be of utmost importance to defeat multiple health risk. In India, as per a recent news report in Economic Times, close to 21% of the total population have low immunity. Given the population, pollution, lifestyle and poor health infrastructure, building strong immunity is the need of hour.

Love and compassion is needed to strengthen the inbuilt defense mechanism. It is our responsibility to nourish and boost immune health. Unfortunately, with technological advancement and human greed, most of us missed basic intelligence. We follow reactive approach.  We take measures for health care after we fall sick. During sickness we invest time, money and peace of mind which could have been avoided by taking simple preventive measures. Trust me, we have God gifted Doctor within, but we don’t allow our internal healing system to work properly for the following reasons,

Daily Stress,

Inadequate sleep and improper daily routine.

Excessive use of synthetic modern medicines

Polluted Environment, Excessive use of Pesticides in Crops

Poor eating habits, Sedentary Lifestyle, Excessive use of mobile

We need to have paradigm shift and adopt proactive approach towards health. Body is our most valuable asset and best friend; it is in our service 24*7. It is our responsibility to develop immunity for healthy living. We need to have attitude of gratitude for such a miraculous system. I do believe that if we eat well, sleep well, live well and add required dosage of nutritional supplement, we can definitely strengthen our immune system and increase healing power within. We are, what we eat, what we think, what we inhale:

 Healthy diet : Adequate diet give our body, the requisite blood sugar, amino acids, the needed fatty acids, the different types of vitamins, mineral salts and enzymes, trace elements, water and the roughage required for keeping the body chemistry in order. Eat vegetable and fruits with different colors.

Avoid high sugar diet and Junk Food.

 It is tax on our digestive system and affects immune system. Nutritional supplements, antioxidants, herbs along with healthy diet, can protect our body at a cellular level. Antioxidants help us fight damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants include vitamins C, E, and A.

We must consume antioxidants rich food, Berries like Acai Berry, Raspberry, Elderberry, Straw berry, Blueberry Triphala, Leafy Green Vegetable, Certain Beans, Carrot, Beetroot. Along with Vitamin C, E and A, Vitamin D enhance protective immunity. Protein is fuel for the immune system.

A variety of foods and supplements can play important roles in supporting immunity. In short we have a pharmacy in our kitchen.

Yoga and exercise:  Daily investing 20-30 minutes for physical exercise can elevate our mood, energy, metabolism. Poor eating habits, sedentary life style, excessive use of mobile, drains our energy through out the day. By improving our daily routine, we can optimize our immune health. Sleeping early and getting up early can add tremendous value to our life and productivity.

Meditation: Meditation is awareness of oneself.  It keeps our inner being healthy. Our body, mind and soul is a complete unit. By taking care of the body alone we take care of partial health. Meditation keeps us positive. It helps us connect with universal existence. Meditation plays a great role in establish peace with in. It makes us powerful, strong and positive.

So, be mindful of eating habits, Lifestyle and thoughts. Believe me staying healthy is easy by adopting proactive outlook towards health. Celebrate Life!!!

Indu Aggarwal: Emotional Wellness Coach

Dissatisfaction is a wake up call to move on and actualize our potential

Dissatisfaction, Anxiety, stress, depression, unhappiness, are the words we commonly hear around. Most of the people are searching for happiness and bliss, but look faraway for them. Life is a mere external manifestation of our inner world & we are too busy to explore our inner world.
No one can escape dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction does not causes unhappiness, stress and anxiety. Not growing out of dissatisfaction causes unhappiness and stress. Dissatisfaction is the womb of change and it opens door for immense possibilities. Growing out of dissatisfaction gives immense happiness.
We cannot drop our expectations. To drop an expectation is also an expectation. Hence, no one can escape dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction is the single most dominant factor that propels proactive change. We feel dissatisfied, when we do not actualize our potential and don’t live up to what we know we are capable of. Life is a journey of actualization and maximization of one’s potential.

Dissatisfaction is a wake up call….. Change

Something within us is screaming and crying ” Raise the bar”, “Hold yourself to standards greater than what you have settled for”.
The fact is everyone’s best is yet to come. Unhappiness arises when we try to settle for less than what we deserve.

When more is possible,why settle for less???

Keep challenging, beyond the perceived limits. Our mind may play the game but connect with your soul and your soul will guide you where to go, what to do. Don’t mute the voice of your soul. Most of the creations do not have consciousness to question life. Human beings have been blessed with an ability to question life. Hence,most of us will experience the dissatisfaction caused by the gap between where we find our life and where we want to be.

It is through questioning and seeking that we outgrow our ignorance. that is how we mature , that is how we begin to understand the power of choices and the need to make those daring choices, that is how we begin to understand the design of life.

Be satisfied that you are dissatisfied…allow the door of possibilities to open. Explore and experience life, don’t look for ready made answers. By looking for ready made answers we miss on the beautiful opportunity to grow.
Dissatisfaction allows us to evolve higher. Embrace dissatisfaction beautifully , rather than being stressed and depressed , grab this opportunity to gain clarity. Clarity leads to less confusion and more happiness.

Life is Beautiful….Love it, Live it


We continue sitting tight for Miracles to happen.

Life itself is a greatest Miracle.

Live it, love it.

To experience a magnificent life , first we should love our body and treat it like a temple. It is inside our body, our awareness dwells. We should be appreciative to our body. We must take all the steps to keep our body healthy. We can experience the beauty of life with a healthy body.

To experience the excellence of life, We must also monitor the quality of our thoughts and the quality of questions we ask ourselves every day. “Quality thoughts” and “Quality questions” decides the “Quality of our life.”

For a beautiful life, learn to appreciate, what you already have. Feeling of gratitude makes life beautiful. As Darkness and light cannot coexist, similarly gratitude and disturbance cannot coexist. Only with a grateful heart , We can have a peaceful progress and a beautiful life.

We are on this delightful planet earth for a reason. Life is too short , to squander. Don’t analyse life, experience life. We are here with a limited Visa Validity, we need to go back to the place where we belong to. Before we leave this beautiful planet : Live, love, excel, empower.

Our life is our responsibility. Blaming situations, people, God will not make life beautiful. We can only experience the beauty of life by taking 100% responsibility.

Life is a moment to moment experience. By living our life in harmony with universal laws, We live a beautiful life and make this world a better place to live.