Indu Aggarwal

Entrepreneur & Emotional Wellness Coach

Indu Aggarwal is enriching everyone's lives by being the LEADING LIGHT and touching the lives of people through her Training and Health awareness programs. To pursue her passion of making a difference in the lives of people, she said goodbye to her lucrative corporate career and started her organization "DISHA FOR SUCCESS" and "DISHA FOR INDIA FOUNDATION AND EDUCATIONAL TRUST", with an objective of transforming & revolutionizing the lifestyle of an individual through Emotional wellness, Preventive healthcare, Financial Literacy & Youth Empowerment Programs. She had an immense experience of 12 Years with corporates like HSBC, Indusind Bank, Bajaj Allianz, and FIIT-JEE.

She has been an indispensable resource in helping people dramatically increase their image impact, presence & their levels of performance. She touches important aspects of life and management in her training programs. Students/ professionals have benefited from her dynamic workshops across India. Her ability to connect with mind, heart & spirit, makes her a wonderful Coach. She knows what makes people tick, what blocks their potential & how to deliver practical takeaway information that her attendees can put to work in day-to-day life.

Her Signature programs are
Life is Beautiful
Decoding Gita for Practical Implementation
Handling Emotions with Intelligence
The Power of Nutrition
Wellbeing with Ayurveda
Wellness Revolution
Upbringing of Kids with Love and Logic
Develop the Leader with in You
She regularly writes articles for Famous International magazine " The LifeStyle Journalist". She has been awarded by Honorable Governor, Health Minister of Haryana and Chief Minister of Haryana for her Philanthropic work.


We Empower | We Make The Difference

Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world.'- Nelson Mandela

Our endeavour is to create a positive and powerful impact in the world with Self Development Programs. We truly believe that we need to be a Lifelong Learner. Our purpose is to make Indian believe in India

To improve employability quotient, skill quotient for improving society, to develop self aware Healthy , Happy and Wealthy Society.

Skill over 5 lakh youth to be employable and coach them to become Entrepreneurs. Ignite fire among academicians to transform education and empower academicians and students to live healthy, happy and wealthy lives.

Live by our thoughts and values everyday and to ignite spark in people to live a Beautiful Life.
Team Work makes Dream Work, Join hands together for empowerment. " Alone we are a drop, together we are an ocean."

Our Transformational Programs

ignite: School Transformational Programme which focuses on bringing social- emotional- physical development into the school. The aim is to equip children and teachers to face 21st century challenges and impart confidence, adaptive skills to avail the opportunities and unleash true potential.

Emotional Wellness and Preventive Health Care
Mental and physical health oriented programs and education. working with wellness centres on Ayurveda, Lifestyle modification and ancient indian wisdom( yoga and mediation). Creating a community of people who feel wellness is a better choice than illness, establishing wellness centres and preventive health care desks in Hospitals. Our programs on Decoding Gita and Life is Beautiful are widely appreciated.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Enhancing learning aptitude, Inspiring people to learn new skills and set up their own business. Helping them lift themselves and their families out of financial stress. helping people establish themselves with minimal capital requirement. Guiding them on marketing skills, Financial Management and resource management. Inspiring. people make a career while making a difference.

Financial Literacy: Money is the prime motivating factor behind most of the activities. Reason behind most of the financial stress is lack of awareness about money, money management and how to make money work hard, rather we work hard for money. We have teachers for all subjects but there is no teacher for the most important subject i.e money. We deeply felt that to get rid of poverty and for making India a developed nation, financial literacy is the prime most important need. We are committed to creating a big difference here through our financial literacy programs.

Clean and Green India: Challenges of pollution, Global warming and waste disposal affect the daily lives of billions of people. Our compassionate and dedicated team is committed to create a clean and green india. Our focus is on environmental, education , communication, development and we say " No" to plastic campaigns.

Be The Change to See The Change

We Empower | We Make The Difference







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