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About Sanjay Aggarwal

My Wife, Mrs. Indu Aggarwal and me, with the famous Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki

Hi, I am Sanjay Aggarwal, erstwhile employee and now, in the business of enjoying my life on my terms and doing what I love most. Of course, it does not seem like work! I am what I call myself – a Change Leader and Entrepreneur. I have created a niche for myself by executing (no point in coming up with a good idea and not taking action) the plans that I found interesting.

I laid the foundations for my entrepreneurial journey, alongside my corporate career. Within six months, I knew my calling. After spending 12 years of my life, serving brands like Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance and Bharti Axa Life Insurance, I quit the corporate world as Vice President – Sales and decided to pursue my dreams and live a life of significance.

One thing led to the other, and today, I spend my time creating and delivering self-employment tools and techniques for the aspiring youth of India, inspiring more and more people to be an ‘employment creator’ rather than ‘employment hunter.’
And, for those who are not yet brave enough to quit their corporate jobs, I inspire underpaid and overworked employees, to enhance their skills, build value in their life, and to be their “Own Boss.” Of course, having experienced and understood many success principles for multi-dimensional success in life, here I speak from my own wealth of knowledge, which I have amassed through my glorious journey of an employee to entrepreneur. One of my key focus areas is creating self-employment opportunities for women. I strongly believe women can lead the path, create a successful business model and give their husbands the necessary confidence to leave their corporate career to be their own boss.

So, what exactly do I do? Good question!

Well, currently, I am on a mission to create empowered, happy, healthy and wealthy people. I help transform lives, by showing people the path to be an entrepreneur/be-your-own-boss. I have helped many people to successfully transition from an employee to an entrepreneur. I started my entrepreneurial journey with an in-born mindset of ‘giving back to society.’
I deliver some signature programs on how to be a powerhouse of energy, positivity, and help people to perform beyond their old and fatigued standards, resulting in achieving personal and business goals faster. In my sessions, I also touch upon various aspects of human psychology which give clarity of thoughts on- ‘Why / why not to be an entrepreneur?’
Disha for Success(Your Partner for Growth)
I believe that the youth is full of talent and energy, and by channelizing the energy of youth in the right direction, we can create a better India. With this thought process, I have created a separate training arm – Disha For Success (Your Partner for Growth) for creating entrepreneurs in India -to create meaningful employment for the youth.
My foundation, Disha for India Foundation and Educational Trust, is making efforts in giving back to the society and taking initiatives to empower and encourage youth

Financial Literacy
Holistic Well-being for Corporate Employees
Skill Development and Wellness Programs for School Teachers
Internships on Social Entrepreneurship for Youth